The Centre for Modelling the Prosthetic Appliances and Surgical Operations on Human SkeletonCMPICSU was structured as a Multiple User Research Centre (MURC) in 2001. The research centre was continuous developed based on many important projects funding during the last years. The most important project was Platform of implantology, intelligent prosthetics and biomechanical rehabilitation. Its research team joins, teachers, PhD and Master Students having different competences from Politehnica University of Timisoara.

The CMPICSU is strongly involved in the Bachelor – Medical Engineering specialization, Masters – Implants, Prostheses and Biomechanical Evaluation and Doctoral Programmes in Medical Engineering, within the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara.


The CMPICSU Research Centre main goal is to support high level research and education in the field of Medical Engineering. The entity is designed to be a union place for research- education-production-services both to interdisciplinary formation of specialists in Medical Engineering and to release integrated solutions of diagnosis, prosthetics, mobility rehabilitation and modern technologies for medical devices manufacturing and testing.

Our experience and competences are able to develop research programs of excellence, as well as international scientific co-operations in order to integrate our activities in the European Research Area in the field of Medical Engineering.

Main Research fields

  • Theoretical and applied Biomechanics;
  • Implantology and prosthetics;
  • Modern technologies for manufacturing;
  • Testing of medical devices;
  • Acquisition and processing of biomedical signals and images.


Research activities

  • Fundamental and applied research in Biomechanics;
  • Motion analysis of patients and animals having different deficiencies in order to evaluate the disability rate or the rehabilitation process;
  • Motion analysis of sportsmenin order to evaluate and improve their performances, and prevent the possible injuries;
  • Spine mobility assessment and posture analysis;
  • Static and dynamic study of the plantar pressure distribution both for normal and disabled subjects;
  • Modelling and numerical analysis of stress and strain distributions in bone structures, implants, assembly of bone/implants and prosthetic components;
  • Conception and design of dental and orthopaedic implants both for human patients and animals;
  • Conception, design and manufacturing of prosthetic devices;
  • Image acquisition and processing, 3D reconstruction of biological structures based on CT technique and specialized software, in order to develop a complex data base for different types of skeleton deficiencies and to produce customized implants;
  • Development of appropriate technologies (including rapid prototyping, CNC machining, EDM technologies) to manufacture implants and prosthetic devices using biocompatible materials;
  • Development of new methods to test various materials, implants and prosthetic devices.


  • Modelling and design Laboratory modelling, design and analysis of prosthetic devices and implants.
  • Medical Imaging Laboratory– medical imaging investigations based on computer tomography, echocardiography, and electrosomatography.
  • Motion Analysis Laboratory – gait analysis, static and dynamic study of the plantar pressure distribution, cervical and lumbar spine mobility assessment.
  • Medical investigations Laboratory – explores many practices that arise in the field of usual medical investigations.
  • Manufacturing Laboratory – CNC Machining and EDM Fabrication – fabrication under precision and repeatability conditions of medical devices.
  • Manufacturing Laboratory – Rapid Prototyping Fabrication – prototyping machines serve both in model validation and rapid fabrication; tools and ready to use parts are possible to build in both metals and plastics materials.
  • LOPIFO Manufacturing Laboratory for implant devices, orthoses and prosthetic devices – classical machining equipments are used in prototype developing of components of prosthetic devices and medical instrumentation.
  • CIDUCOS Testing Laboratory – accredited by RENAR according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 standard.
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